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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Time to Pray

There has been a great deal of conversation the past several days regarding Tim Tebow and his standard pre-game practice. Most everyone is likely familiar with it now....it's called Tebowing. For anyone who might not know, before each game, he takes a knee and says a prayer. Lo and behold, his team is on a winning streak. I absolutely love that he is getting attention for this because it brings attention to someone who, in my opinion, lives what he believes. So much of what you hear regarding the sports world is negative. (Sandusky, anyone?) Now, do I think that God is truly concerned about the Broncos winning or losing? Probably not. Here is what I do know. God listens to prayers. I suspect that Mr. Tebow is asking for God to watch over the players, give them strength and guidance to do their best. Isn't that what most of us need anyway? In anything we do? I'm reminded of a story about the guy who went every day to the temple to pray. Every day he prayed "God, please, please let me win the lottery." This went on for quite sometime when finally the man heard God's voice speak back to him saying "My son, please, please go buy a lottery ticket". Prayers are good but without a doubt, God expects us to do our part. If Tim Tebow or "God's Quarterback" as some have called him, wants to ask for God's hand in the game, then good for him. I'm sure God expects Tim to give the game his best effort as well. Who knows, maybe God does have a hand in the Bronco's 7-1 record. It sure has a lot of people 'Tebowing'! http://tebowing.com/