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Monday, September 28, 2009

It's the Circle of Life

Our family is expanding, yet again. Oh no...not me or any other living human in this house (sigh of relief) but our Mama Cat..Roxy. The real kicker is that we are not sure how. Well, let's stop for a moment. Of course we know 'how'...but we're just not sure how or better said...when. We have watched this cat like a hawk watches their prey, taking every precaution to not let her out as we know she has, let's say loose morals. Hey...she's a cat. The last few weeks we have noticed her expanding body hoping and praying that she was simply becoming a fattie. In the last few days however, while we bravely and even adamantly called her a tubbie and even nervously laughed while we "mooed" at her...deep down feeling the dread that this isn't a simple matter of binge eating. This morning, our fears were confirmed. As my alarm was going off and I dragged myself from bed, I was met with a very insistent meow. Several in fact. I knew. I looked over at Brian and said..."We have babies". This was the all too familiar chatter I got from her after the last delivery. It was a little premature though as it appears she was simply letting me know they were coming. There may have even been a little bit of "I've been trying to tell you people I wasn't a Jenny Craig candidate". After checking to make sure we didn't actually have a nursery going just yet, I made up a nest for her and she promptly took residence. Within 30 to 40 minutes, the first one was delivered. We are waiting on more and trust me...there are more. I shouldn't be excited because I now face the daunting task of finding homes for these babies in a few weeks but I can't help but get a little smile on my face as I watch this take place. For those of you that remember the first kitten she had about a year and half ago...Abbey, the big sister is anxious as well. I won't let her in the room unless I am there to watch her so in between she is outside the door, pacing, crying and occasionally 'head butting' the door. Siblings....they are all alike.

As a side note....it's not too early to shop for Christmas and wouldn't a little kitten look great under that tree? :-D