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Sunday, August 16, 2009

So Easy A Caveman Can Do It

If you thought cavemen only existed thousands of years ago or maybe in a Geico commercial, think again. It appears I have been raising one all this time. Who knew? So here is how the conversation went that led me to this realization. Zane and I are getting ready to spend some time at the park...just the two of us, which is the best time for us to have our heart to heart's.
Zane: Mommmmmmm....(him dragging my name out more than a few seconds is never a good sign)
Me: Yes?
Zane: When I get married, my wife is going to stay home and raise babies and do housework.
Me: Well, good luck with that. That marriage should last...oh about 2 or 3 minutes.
Zane: Why is that?
Me: Becuase women today don't want to be told they can or can't have a career. In fact, it is most likely your wife will want to have a career.
Zane: Yeah, that's stupid
Me: Why more stupid than you having a career?
Zane: Because women are supposed to stay home and work.
Me: And you learned this where? Never mind, how do you suppose you will be able to take care of your wife since you don't want her to work.
Zane: I plan to be a pro skater (stop with the spandex jokes...he is referring to skateboarding, not ice skating haha)
Me: Really now? When will this dream be fulfilled?
Zane: I should be on the pro circuit Christmas after next.
Me: Hmmm...that makes you almost 13...planning on much homework while you are on the road?
Zane: Oh I will finish school because I will need to be able to manage my finances.
Me: (trying not to giggle or show my skepticism) That's great...so being a rockstar is SO last year?
Zane: I haven't ruled that out. I will need to make a lot of money to be able to take care of my family and finally build you that big house with the wrap around porch.
Me: Carry on, Son....you follow that dream and never mind what your wife wants. Mama wants that house....